CD Projekt RED is working on several new games
October 5, 2022

CD Projekt RED is working on several new games


The world of Cyberpunk is being expanded, we are getting another The Witcher trilogy, but the team is also preparing a completely new work.

While the new DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 and the previously announced new The Witcher game are being prepared, CD Projekt RED revealed the other day that they are also working on other works. First of all it is Orion they brought up a code-named program that covers their next Cyberpunk game, with which they want to expand the franchise and try to take advantage of the possibilities inherent in the universe. Next was mentioned a Polar code name, which covers not only the new The Witcher game, but we will get a big-budget trilogy right away, they are currently in the preparation phase. THE Canis Majoris will also be a The Witcher game, however, it is being prepared as a completely separate work from Polaris and is being worked on by an external studio that has already worked on episodes of the series. They also announced the Siriuswhich is developed by The Molasses Flood, takes place in the world of The Witcher, but unlike previous games, it will also have multiplayer content, including missions and a campaign (so it is expected to be a cooperative title). Attack to turn it into a work with a code name, because this is being prepared as a third, completely new IP, which is being created completely from scratch, at the moment it is still at the level of brainstorming, they have not even started the development, they are only working on the basics. (So ​​it will be many years before we see anything from it)

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