Valorant – Are console releases already in the works?
November 24, 2022

Valorant – Are console releases already in the works?


So far, no official announcement has been made, but the latest official job advertisements indicate that they are already working on the new versions in the background.

It was first presented in 2019, and then in 2020, after a longer beta period, the Valorant FPS, which is currently only available for PC. There were already indications that Riot Games would bring the program to consoles (and also to mobiles, the latter has been known for some time), however, the official announcement of this has still not taken place, there were only rumors that the company already conducts tests and this was also mentioned in job advertisements, however, we have not received any details on the subject so far. The developers are still silent on the subject, however, two job advertisements surfaced again the other day, which specifically describe that they are looking for a lead game designer and design manager for the console versions.

Harbor was the last character to arrive

What do you think, is it worth waiting for the console versions of Valorant? Would this type of FPS work with controller control in the long run?

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