Will the Call of Duty series get an Advanced Warfare sequel in 2025?
October 6, 2022

Will the Call of Duty series get an Advanced Warfare sequel in 2025?


The more down-to-earth gameplay may be replaced by exoskeleton fun again in a few years.

We only have to wait a few weeks and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will arrive, which many of us are looking forward to and which in principle will receive support for quite a long time, thanks to the fact that there will be no new part of the series next year. In the case of CODs, it is slowly becoming common for the theme of the new parts to be leaked years in advance, thanks to which we already know in principle that Treyarch will take us to the Iraq war in 2024. Surprisingly, some are even going further than that, as the latest rumors are already talking about the 2025 part, according to which Sledgehammer Games is working on none other than the 2014 one Advanced Warfare continuation. The game became famous/notorious for its introduction of exoskeletons (as well as Kevin Spacey’s speech on democracy, we think), which many loved and even more heartily hated, so it will certainly be interesting to see the reactions if Activision actually steps up to give the go-ahead for a sequel.

Preview of the 2014 episode premiere

Of course, it is a rather unstable rumor, especially since it is known for its reliability According to Charlie Intel the rumor is on shaky grounds, as it is hard to imagine that the 2024 episode will not have a two-year cycle. Of course, all this is still in the future, it will be worthwhile for us to focus our attention on Modern Warfare II, coming on October 28.

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