CaseLabs is back on the market
November 23, 2022

CaseLabs is back on the market


So far, only the initial steps have been taken, but the year 2023 looks promising.

We have good news for those who sadly found out in 2018 that California-based CaseLabs, which travels in rather demanding computer houses, went bankrupt, as the brand name (and the rights to the previous portfolio) was bought in 2021 by a Swedish fan, Emil Rytterstedt, who relocating its headquarters to Sweden, will soon restart production.


The brand’s website is already active, but for now there are no new models coming, instead they will first start selling spare parts for the existing models, and they will provide support for them through customer service. The next stop will be the sale of (at least a part of) the previously accessible machine lacquers, and then the re-stitching, which mainly covers modernized I/O panels or, for example, vertical GPU frames. In the future, of course, we can also expect new houses, and it is no secret that the company is preparing to open up to the world of the SFF format.


A favorable detail for European customers is the relocation of the CaseLabs headquarters to the Old Continent, since the costs of sending packages will be relatively favorable in the event of an order. If we are interested in the topic, it is advisable to monitor the brand’s Discord, Reddit, and Facebook accounts after subscribing to the newsletter.

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