Easy-to-assemble, tasteful SFF housing from Fractal Desing’s portfolio
November 23, 2022

Easy-to-assemble, tasteful SFF housing from Fractal Desing’s portfolio


Larger VGAs can also be packed into the 12.6-liter solution that can be stripped to the frame.

Fractal Design, known primarily for its understated design cases, has lifted the veil on a new Mini-ITX case, which is listed as Ridge, and you can choose from black or white.


The 3-slot model, which accepts SFX/SFX-L format power supplies and can be used both vertically and horizontally thanks to the repositionable feet, can accommodate 70 mm high processor coolers and 325 or 335 mm long video cards inside, but it does not matter whether the latter has a classic design of our back storage, and whether there are fans on the top and sides.


By the way, two 120/140 and three 80 mm fans can be screwed in, but two PWM, 140 mm ones are included as accessories as part of the package. In the case of a graphics controller shorter than 175 mm, we can attach a 120 mm piece from the radiator, but if we don’t have a dedicated GPU, the track is open for the 280 mm one.


There is room for four 2.5-inch drives, and not only the richly perforated steel side panels can be removed from the frame, but all the cover panels, so that everything can be conveniently accessed when assembling our machine. We can pass the power supply into the front of the empty 4.3 kilogram pot, and behind the frame stationed here, a space of 13.8 mm is left to organize the wire jungle.


A USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C and two USB 3.0 connectors are located on the front, which is surrounded by 6 mm thick aluminum and carries a magnetically held fabric insert, next to the 3.5 mm combo jack, and we don’t have to spend extra money on a PCI Express 4.0 riser cable. A net price tag of $130 was affixed to the box of the goods, which can be interpreted as the successor to the Node 202.

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