Eye-catching Akasa robe for Intel NUC 12 Pro
October 5, 2022

Eye-catching Akasa robe for Intel NUC 12 Pro


The family tree of the company’s Turing serial machines, which do not require active cooling at all, has grown with a new arrival.

Akasa took the wraps off a new passive housing, which is meant to replace the outer cover of the Intel NUC 12 Pro mini-computers equipped with 12th generation Alder Lake-P mobile processors, which is codenamed Wall Street Canyon and was named Turing WS.


The 95 mm high, 247.9 mm wide and 113.5 mm deep, 2.7 liter volume, all-aluminum solution functions as a heatsink and can be an absolutely silent option for owners of the tiny machines mentioned in the title up to a TDP of 28 watts. A 2.5-inch drive with a thickness of up to 9.5 mm can be placed inside the pot, which can be used either standing or lying down, and a rib for M.2 2280 format SSDs is also included as an extra.


On the front, there are two USB ports along with the 3.5 mm audio jack and the power button (more precisely, the perforations prepared for them), while on the back there are two HDMI connectors, two USB Type-A and two Type-C ports, two antennas, and a LAN interface has a cutout outside the slot for the DC-in connector of the external adapter responsible for the power supply.


Our readers can find the compatibility list of the model with a price tag of $170, which is already available for pre-order, in the specifications section of the product page, and can optionally purchase a 90 or 120 watt adapter or a pair of antennas for the construction.

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