Microsoft will soon scale back Windows 8.1
November 23, 2022

Microsoft will soon scale back Windows 8.1


You can only escape uphill, as there will be no ESU plan either.

Microsoft is already paying attention to the Windows 11 operating system, although even Windows 10 receives a pleasant level of product support. However, there was life in Redmond’s solutions before, it is enough to mention the previous Windows 8.1, which still receives security updates today. However, this will soon be over, as the company has warned the market that on January 10, 2023, they will bury the aging Windows for good, and even the Microsoft 365 installed on it will not receive software packages.

Typically, Microsoft used to offer the so-called ESU plan (Extended Security Updates) to customers who purchased a volume license, which in practice makes it possible to request additional security fixes on a per-machine basis even after the end of official product support, but in the case of Windows 8.1 such will not. As a result, companies using the mentioned operating system must definitely switch to at least Windows 10 if they do not want to expose their installed computers to security risks.

The decision of the people of Redmond probably stems from the fact that the hardware requirements of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are very similar, and it is also typical that for any hardware that has a Windows 8.1 driver, there is at least one Windows 10 driver available. Because of this, progress is now much easier compared to the predecessors that were shot before. Not inconsiderably, the operating system, which is treading the last weeks of its life cycle, is not considered widespread in the market, so it would not be very appropriate to provide extended product support for it due to the small number of customers.

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