Minimalist Akasa case for 12th generation NUC Extreme
November 23, 2022

Minimalist Akasa case for 12th generation NUC Extreme


The 2.3-liter engine housing was born in the spirit of the clean design characteristic of the manufacturer.

Akasa recently came out with an (anodized) aluminum case for the Intel NUC 12 Extreme Compute Element, which was named Cypher EB. The 200 mm wide, 216 mm deep, and 53 mm high construction supports the NUC12EDBi7 with Intel Core i7-12700, as well as the NUC12EDBi9 with i9-12900, and can be used lying flat or adjusted using the included stand.


There are ventilation slits on the bottom and on both sides of the casing, the front panel outlets – somewhat inexplicably – end in two USB 2.0 ports, and a 150-watt adapter is included as an accessory for the package, which is probably priced around HUF 30-35,000 based on its predecessors.


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