Problem with Fractal Design Lumen compact water coolers
October 6, 2022

Problem with Fractal Design Lumen compact water coolers


It is also worth requesting a warranty replacement if our central unit is not yet warmer than usual.

Fractal Design discovered a flaw in its Lumen series of compact AIOs after customers reported elevated processor temperatures. The company realized that the solder used in the aluminum radiator, as well as the impurities created during production, chemically interact with the coolant, and this process can lead to sedimentation over time, which gets stuck between the lamellae of the CPU block and deteriorates the efficiency of the system, so the thermal pointers start going up.


Because the company cares about its customers, they have decided to stop selling the coolers in question globally, and have suspended sales until their designated teams develop a cure in the form of a new version of the radiator and a new coolant. Of course, the story doesn’t stop there, because the production process itself, as well as the guidelines that affect it, are being reviewed and the necessary changes are being implemented.


This procedure will not take a day or two; according to the preliminary estimates contained in the released announcement, it will take about six weeks for the creased Lumens to appear on store shelves and for replacements to be sent to the owners of the old copies.


Fractal has apologized for the fiasco and has created a dedicated page that addresses only the issue discussed so far. This page will be constantly updated, so the details will be traceable, so everyone can clearly find out what, where, how many meters. The affected persons can apply for warranty administration by filling out a web form, and they will also be notified by e-mail about the current status of the case.

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