Samsung is developing many new memories
October 7, 2022

Samsung is developing many new memories


As usual, the company is very focused on the market of DRAM and NAND chips.

On the occasion of Samsung Tech Day 2022, the South Korean giant talked about a number of novelties, of which memories are the most important for the PC market.

The company is already in the midst of developing the 1b fifth-generation 10 nm class DRAMs, of which mass production of the first chips will begin next year. These include 32 gigabit, i.e. 4 GB DDR5, LPDDR5X with an effective clock of 8.5 GHz, and GDDR7 solutions capable of 36 Gbps, which roughly cover the needs of the markets targeted by the company. In addition, HBM-PIM, AXDIMM and CXL memories also receive significant attention.

In terms of NAND flash chips, the manufacturer is planning a ninth-generation V-NAND alternative, but its availability will still take time, as mass production would start in 2024, and at the same time, as part of a rather aggressive plan, the company calculates with more than a thousand cell layers by 2030.

Looking at the near future, a TLC, 1 terabyte V-NAND flash chip will be available this year, which practically doubles compared to the current peak. Samsung also presented an SSD controller labeled PM9C1a, which can also operate without DRAM and supports PCI Express 4.0 and 5.0 interfaces.

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