Huawei Nova 10 – faint hopes
October 4, 2022

Huawei Nova 10 – faint hopes


Mid-range Huawei is back on stage, the known limitations are still present, but there is already a half-way workaround.


By now, it is quite clear that the sanctions have sent Huawei’s mobile business to the ground in Europe. This happened to an amazingly strong brand with huge reserves and resources, despite the fact that they tried in almost every conceivable way to soften the effects of being blocked from Google services, they raised their own app store, developed their own alternative solutions at breakneck speed, but in this region we are used to it, that the solutions built around Google are not only an integral part of our lives, but that the applications we use also rely on them.


However, at the same time as the presentation of the Nova 10 and Mate 50, Huawei decided to include the Gspace application in its official communication, which was an existing but not specifically propagated and supported circumvention maneuver, practically emulating the data of a phone that does not fall subject to embargoes. And at this point you can have a long discussion about the ethics, legality, data security, reliability and expected life cycle of the matter, which calls for a separate article or even more for a video presentation, but what is more important about the Nova 10 is that the solution works at the moment and really it allows the product to work almost as if there were no embargoes applied to it without any special care.


However, other restrictions remain and this mostly affects 5G: the Nova 10 cannot connect to the latest networks either. For the time being, this is not a significant deficiency in everyday life, since the coverage of 5G networks can still be said to be toothless, but in a few years it may become important. In addition to all of this, there is another difficulty that is not justified by the sanctions: Huawei is convinced that their products are as valuable as the competing models that basically reach all the Google chips, which is why they do not try to price the related to compensate for inconveniences. There is some pride in this and the need to maintain a premium image, and it is also certain that the authorities determining the pricing may really think that HMS is absolutely competitive, so they are not willing to change this. Be that as it may, the Nova 10 starts here at a price of HUF 240,000, which is unfortunately no longer outrageous in the current mid-range field, but there are plenty of more favorable offers – or competitors that offer more for this amount of money.

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