Motorola Maui is coming later this year
October 6, 2022

Motorola Maui is coming later this year


It could be the code name of an entry-level model with modest knowledge, there is also a picture.

Motorola also entered the confusing reissue and sifting competition, so for example the a Moto E32which will arrive in India tomorrow with a MediaTek Helio G37 chip, is not the same E32 that appeared here with a Unisoc Tiger T606 chip, but it is not E32s transcript. Although the 6.5″ and 90 Hz HD+ panel is common, the Indian E32 is the first to associate a 50 megapixel camera with a double lens on the back of the Helio G37 – and then the Motorola Maui too.

(source: 91mobiles)

It’s not a special edition with a Hawaiian shirt or a fiery red Ferrari version, but a new phone with an HD panel and a Helio G37, the expected specifications of which are confusingly similar to those of the E32s, the 16-megapixel main unit on the back, the two 2-megapixel assistants and the 5-megapixel including front panel module.

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