The Redmi Note 12 comes with surprises in store
October 21, 2022

The Redmi Note 12 comes with surprises in store


There is plenty of half-information in the rumor basket, but the manufacturer is tight-lipped.

Without further clarification, Redmi’s weibo page announced that the Note 12 series, with two exciting and previously unseen technologies. In addition, the high-end term also surfaced with the help of the machine translator, and Gizmo China is trying to look behind the hints by gathering spy information. It will probably debut at the same time Note 12the Note 12 Pro and the Note 12 Pro+ (obsession Extreme Edition), with 67, 120 and 210 watt fast charging.

(source: Redmi Weibo) [+]

All of this sounds very convincing in the middle category, but at first it will definitely only take place at the Chinese premiere, and by the time the series gets here, practically every item of the specification can change, and the relabeling machine can also start working. In any case, one or more members of the Chinese Note 12 family can expect to use the new MediaTek Dimensity 1080, and it is telling that the new 5G chip also supports 200-megapixel camera sensors, although they are also talking about a 50-megapixel unit. In any case, sales in China can start in November, while in Europe there is a chance of a start in early 2023.

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