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Dying Light is an open-world action game, kept in the atmosphere of survival horror. The title was developed by the Polish studio Techland. It is a peculiar mix of Dead Island, produced by the same team, and Mirror’s Edge from the creators of the Battlefield series. The action of the game is shown from the first person perspective.
 Open world gameplay
Dying Light action  is set in Harran, a town in the Middle East, ravaged by a mysterious outbreak, which turned the citizens into zombie-like creatures. Dying Light  features a night and day cycle, which affects the behavior and strength of the enemies – they are weaker and idle during the day and stronger/more aggressive at night. Weapons in DL can be crafted from resources and blueprints found throughout the game; firearms become available later in the game.

The player moves around the town on foot, employing a variety of parkour moves. They can also use a grappling hook to access elevated areas on the map. In-game actions yield different types of skill points: power, awarded for killing enemies, agility – for elaborate parkour moves, and survival, for completing missions and side quests. The points can be spent on upgrading the player’s skill tree.

Survival horror story
In Dying Light  you step into the shoes of Kyle Crane, arriving in the city of Harran, modeled on Rio de Janeiro, full of characteristic favelas. The metropolitan population was infected with a mysterious virus that instantly turned everyone into zombies. The creators of the game used a theme similar to that known from the movie I’m a Legend with Will Smith in the lead role – during the day, zombies are not very active, but at night their more dangerous mutations are activated. Therefore, the gameplay is divided into two parts – when it is light, we freely explore the surroundings, look for resources and weapons, and when the night falls, we desperately defend ourselves against the aggressive horde.

Key features

  •  Open world urban environment
  •  Over a 100 of craftable weapons
  •  Diverse traversal mechanics, including parkour and grappling hook maneuvers
  •  Day and night cycle which affects the combat difficulty
  •  Multiplayer mode with a variety of features 


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