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Survive the Nights is another representative of multiplayer sandbox survival simulators in which zombies play the main role. However, the authors set themselves the goal of using and refining the best solutions from competing titles, placing particular emphasis on the realism of the game. The game was created by the debuting studio a2z (Interactive), whose members met while playing Grand Theft Auto IV, and after the release of Minecraft, they created one of the most popular private servers for the game.

The action of the title takes place on a vast map, consisting of many islands with an area of over 100 square kilometers each. Hitting one of them, players have to face not only the hordes of zombies that dominate the game world, but also satisfy their basic needs, necessary to survive in an unfavorable environment. As you can deduce from the title of the game, our main task is simply to “survive the night”, and the gameplay has been divided into two slightly different stages. During the day, we focus on exploring and searching for water, food, weapons and items that will help us fortify our hideout and survive the night safely. When it gets dark, our main goal is to eliminate everything that moves and threatens our health and life.

Unlike many competing titles, in Survive the Nights, we do not have the option of constructing buildings. We can only use those already on the map, transforming them into a kind of hideout-warehouse and fortifying with various items found on the island (plates, boards, sheets, furniture, etc.). A very important element of the game are vehicles that can be used to move or transport materials – provided that they have not been damaged before and do not require repairs. An inseparable part of the game is the crafting system, which allows you to use many home items to create unique weapons and tools, as well as combine and modify previously found parts of vehicles and devices.

As intended by the authors, the production’s advantage is the realistically presented survival aspects. An extremely important element is the regular supply of the body with the necessary amount of calories, because without them, it will weaken over time and, as a result, move slower, aim less or have a lower load capacity. There are many ways to get food: we can hunt smaller or larger animals, set traps, fish, pick berries and other edible plants, and even grow them. As the game shows not only the daily cycle, but also the changing climate and seasons, it is also necessary to take care of the appropriate body temperature (e.g. by lighting a fire or turning on domestic heating). In addition to physical health, the game’s psyche is also important, as it negatively affects the killing of people. Over time, we begin to see less clearly, feel our hands tremble or experience delusions.

During the game, our character gains experience and develops his skills mainly thanks to appropriately frequent repetition of a given activity. The more nights we manage to survive, the more we hunt, set traps, shoot and fortify buildings – the more adept at these activities our ancestor will be.


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