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The Hand of Merlin is a combination of turn-based strategy and roguelite with RPG elements, set in a universe that combines Arthurian legends with science fiction and horror. The game is developed by Room-C Games and Croteam studios, known for their Serious Sam and Scum series .

The action of the game is set in a world inspired by Arthurian legends, in which, having created a team of four members, we set out on a journey through dimensions leading us to various places – Jerusalem, Albion, Al-Andalus and others. The goal of the game is to find fragments of the lost pieces of our soul and try to save the worlds we visit from destruction.

Before you set off, you need to gather your party and this is where we start our adventure, recruiting four heroes, differing in appearance and skills. During the game, along with the experience gained, we can improve the attributes and randomly generated sets of characters' abilities. Properly selected skills are key, especially since in The Hand of Merlin death is permanent and if our team is killed, we have to start the game all over again. During the game, we explore the map, trade, take part in random meetings and events, but most of all we fight. Ahead of us are turn-based battles with both human and demonic opponents. In order to survive the fight, you need to use the terrain advantages in the form of covers or higher points. In addition, it is worth providing our heroes with appropriate equipment. And so we invest in weapons and armor, provided that we have the right amount of gold and managed to meet a trader. In their assortment, we also come across a precious artifact: whether it is a sword wielded by King Arthur himself, or other peculiar and powerful items.


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