E-book pirates prosecuted
November 19, 2022

E-book pirates prosecuted


Probably the world’s largest illegal e-library was brought together by the two Russian criminals.

The US Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that it has indicted two Russian citizens on suspicion of illegally making e-books available through a website.

The protected e-books were made available on the Z-Library website operated by Anton Napolskij and Valerija Jermakova, and they were charged with copyright infringement, fraud, and money laundering. The Russian couple was arrested recently, on November 3, in Cordoba, Argentina, by the local authorities at an official American request. At the same time, the pirate site was also shut down.

According to the indictment, the defendants have been involved in the illegal trade of e-books for more than ten years – very often the books were available to them a few hours after their official publication.

Based on the investigation, the FBI believes that Anton Napolsky and Valery Yermakova created the world’s largest illegal e-library, as they offered more than 11 million titles for download. Operating since 2009, Z-Library offered mostly copyright-protected items in several file formats, and also encouraged individual uploading and downloading. The disconnection did not affect only one domain, because over the years the perpetrators have created a complete system of 249 domains.

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