eMAG Black Friday: turnover of HUF 10.5 billion
November 22, 2022

eMAG Black Friday: turnover of HUF 10.5 billion


The biggest hits were fabric softeners and other consumables, but a huge number of people bought toys as Christmas presents or got new laptops.

eMAG’s 2022 Black Friday campaign started after seven in the morning on November 18 and lasted until two in the morning the next day, during which more than 166,000 customers placed orders for more than 375,000 products with a total value of HUF 10.5 billion. Roughly thirty percent of the Black Friday products were ordered by customers from the Marketplace merchant partners that joined the campaign.

The greatest interest in Black Friday sale products was at 8:07 a.m. on Friday morning, when more than four thousand orders were placed on the emag.hu site in a single minute. On average, Black Friday customers who came in the morning and during the day put almost three products in their baskets, while evening and night visitors typically bought one discount product each, so based on the final turnover data, a customer ordered an average of 2.3 products. The proportion of online bank card payments was more than 45 percent this year compared to 39 percent last year.

As in previous years, this year, the highest-value products that were planned to be bought in the first place, such as household appliances, TVs or laptops, were purchased in the morning, but in the case of the current Black Friday, there was a second similar attack around lunchtime on Friday, and conscious shoppers returned at ten in the evening. customers, because the number of orders placed for higher-value products also increased significantly.

The average value of orders this year was the two highest for customers from Hajdú-Bihar County (HUF 88,284) and Pest County (HUF 79,481), and Csongrád County customers came in third with an average of HUF 78,821. The average Black Friday basket value for the entire country was HUF 74,971 this year.

Laptops, boilers and TVs are among the most expensive orders

The most expensive product ordered on Black Friday 2022 was an exceptionally well-equipped Apple MacBook Pro notebook at a discounted price of HUF 1,599,990, but Apple desktop workstations, 195-centimeter OLED TVs, and a large company printer were also ordered for over HUF one million.

In the name of reducing utilities, a Black Friday customer ordered a solid fuel boiler suitable for heating an entire apartment at a special price, worth a little more than one million forints. The rest of the ten most expensive Black Friday products came from premium OLED and miniLED smart TVs.

The most popular Black Friday products

In comparison, an average Black Friday customer chose a TV with a gross price of HUF 170,000 and spent HUF 123,000 on a laptop. Tablets were ordered at an average price of HUF 120,000, while the average selling price of mobile phones was HUF 181,000.

Customers ordered toys for almost HUF 20,000 on Black Friday, all of the twenty most popular products were from LEGO sets.

The average selling price of refrigerators hovered around HUF 152,000, and that of washing machines and dryers almost reached HUF 168,000. Among the daily household items, the large-package, discount fabric softener was clearly the most popular, followed by the dishwasher capsule and toilet paper – a typical customer spent HUF 13,000 on these products.

Around HUF 5,000-6,000 was spent on coffee, tea, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is interesting that while customers spent nearly HUF 12,000 on dog and cat food, they spent roughly half that amount on discounted durable food on eMAG’s Black Friday.

The most popular product categories of eMAG Black Friday 2022:

  1. Baby-mom products and toys:51 376 piece
  2. Beauty devices and products: 35,669 piece
  3. Laptops and IT products: 34,403 piece
  4. Televisions and consumer electronics products: 25,023 piece
  5. Small household appliances: 23 144 piece
  6. Household tools and cleaning products: 23,060 piece
  7. DIY and home decoration products: 17,458 piece
  8. Smartphones and smartwatches: 14,497 piece
  9. Refrigerators and washing machines: 6790 piece
  10. Fashion products: 5559 piece

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