The EU’s satellite internet costs 6 billion euros
November 22, 2022

The EU’s satellite internet costs 6 billion euros


The EU has agreed on the satellite internet system, specifically 6.2 billion euros are allocated for this.

The EU has been mentioning for some time that it would strengthen its presence in the space sector and the communication sector, and now a satellite internet system costing 6.2 billion euros will also help this. The goal is to increase security and reduce dependence on foreign partners.

Back in February, the EB indicated that they wanted to build and operate a satellite internet system, and they agreed on this a few days ago.

In the satellite sector, geopolitical tensions between major countries have been increasing lately, the EU hopes to speed up broadband internet in the region with its own system, and Europe will be able to offer an alternative in Africa.

The new system will also be a backup for terrestrial networks in the event of a service outage or disaster, bidding on traditional service providers. They expect 3.6 billion euros from the private sector, and 2.4 billion euros from EU programs. Development may begin next year, and the quantum cryptographic service may be complete in 2028. Between 2025 and 2027, they can launch 170 satellites.

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