The subscription remains even if we no longer use it
November 20, 2022

The subscription remains even if we no longer use it


Every third person subscribes to at least three types of services, but only two-thirds of them feel that they really use the services, and 42 percent do not cancel their subscription even if they realize that they do not need it.

A representative survey was recently prepared on behalf of the operator of the Cristo application, which offers usage-based car services, the results of which were made public today.

The MTI, according to a summary sent on Wednesday to the culture, sports, entertainment, communication, and leisure activities, streaming-based TV and content consumption, as well as the use of mobile phones, dominate among the dozens of subscriptions examined. Every third respondent has an unlimited mobile phone or streaming subscription. Men and those with a basic education choose the unlimited (mobile) subscription in greater proportion, graduates are overrepresented in the case of streaming subscriptions.

Based on the results of the survey, three aspects are particularly important to customers: perceived frequency of use, price, and continuous availability. Many people choose the unlimited subscription because they believe that this way the unit price will be the lowest, i.e. the service will be the cheapest. Continuous availability gives consumers security

Every third respondent is unsure whether they can really use the given service, whether they actually need it, and every tenth subscriber stated that almost none of them, or most of them, are not worth it. Generational differences can also be felt in this issue, according to young people it is usually worth paying for the given service, while three times more people in the older age group think that the majority of subscriptions are a waste of money.

Unlimited mobile subscriptions and telecommunication services are used regularly by almost everyone (90 percent). This rate is somewhat lower than for streaming, where only three quarters of subscribers reported regular use. The services related to sports passes are regularly used by three-quarters of those surveyed, and cultural passes by half, and the utilization of credit cards and club memberships is similar to the latter.

39 percent of respondents, mainly young people and those with higher education, canceled some of their subscriptions when they were faced with the fact that it was unnecessary. At the same time, 42 percent did not want to deal with the matter or postponed the decision until later. Only 15 percent of respondents looked for an alternative, cheaper solution.

When asked why they keep the subscriptions they don’t use, most of them (27 percent) answered: they are happy that they have such a subscription, or they think it might be useful later.

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