Adobe tailors its metaverse factory to Apple chips
August 19, 2022

Adobe tailors its metaverse factory to Apple chips


Adobe has adopted a number of tools to work better on Apple machines.

Adobe recently announced that it has redesigned several of its 3D content production tools to work better on Apple’s M-series chips.

Adobe has been coming up with newer and newer tools lately: these are for creating 3D content, worlds and objects, not just for games, but also for various metaverse. The most famous platform still goes by the name of Meta, a formulation that is not entirely uniform, as many companies would project virtual objects onto the real world, not just place them in the virtual one.

Substance 3D, acquired by Adobe three years ago, has also helped the film industry, including in the film The Ice Age 2, where it brought digital objects to life.

As Apple machines are often used for content production, Adobe is also looking to gain ground in building virtual objects and metaverse environments by optimising for M chips. Adobe says it also wants to exploit the graphics performance of Apple chips with its software. The tools are already used by many companies, including Hugo Boss and Salomon.

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