WhatsApp to attract businesses with cloud-based tools
August 19, 2022

WhatsApp to attract businesses with cloud-based tools


Meta wants to attract more companies to WhatsApp with cloud-based tools and premium features.

Mark Zuckerberg announced late last week that Meta wants to get more companies using WhatsApp.

In order to do this, they are innovating with free, cloud-based API services, among other things, and in general, the focus is also increasing on purchases and business functions.

Zuckerberg promised that all businesses and developers will have easy access to the service, and can build directly on WhatsApp, as well as customise the experience offered and speed up response times to customers through Meta’s secure WhatsApp Cloud API.

WhatsApp has already offered APUs for companies to connect their systems and provide customer service chat built on top of the service – all of which generates revenue for Meta. However, consumers can only receive messages from companies if they have requested to be contacted.

Other premium features will be added as an option for business app users, which will be paid for. The new features are still under development and will include multi-device chat management and shareable, embeddable click-to-chat links.

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